jersey city cannabisResearch studies have confirmed the health benefits of cannabis. It is used to treat a wide range of diseases. According to the FDA, medical cannabis is safe and effective in the treatment of many health conditions. Due to its wide range of benefits, many industrial-renowned personalities are opting to invest in the medical cannabis business – even in the potential market of New Jersey.
Recently, we came to know that a property located at 1 Edward Hart Drive would use as a recreational area – i.e. would be used as a bowling alley. However, a few months ago, we found that this property would be used for a different purpose.
Do you know – for what purpose that property would be used? Well, you will be surprised if we tell you that this will be a new manufacturing and distribution facility for medical marijuana.
According to Jersey Digs, the property will be used for growing, cultivating, manufacturing, processing, and dispensing marijuana. It is important to know that the authority or administration running this complex has acquired a license from the state, which is issued to it based on the production of medical cannabis.
The products produced in this facility will be distributed to each NJ marijuana dispensary that has contracted with the production company – known as the Liberty Plant Sciences. A company with a similar name is registered in Henderson, Colorado.
The authorities are planning to establish a state-of-the-art facility for the cultivation and production of medical cannabis. It has been proposed that personnel from any NJ marijuana dispensary can visit the facility and learn about how high-quality medical cannabis products such as CBD edibles are made.
jersey city cannabisAccording to the resolution of the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency “JCRA,” this project would achieve the goals of the redevelopment plan, which is in the best interest of the JCRA for entering into a redevelopment agreement.
jersey city cannabisThis cultivation and production plant will follow a unique approach to marijuana production based on both tradition and technology. They are expected to craft high-quality grown cannabis products including CBD edibles to meet the specific needs of patients as well as adult-use markets throughout New Jersey.
According to JCRA, the plant will balance both tradition and technology in the cultivation and production of cannabis used for medicinal purposes. With a vision to set the protocols and standards for technology and innovation, the plant will develop advanced processes to be used in the manufacturing of CBD edibles. You would these high-quality products in any NJ marijuana dispensary.
The purpose is to produce clean, aeroponically-grown marijuana consistently for patients suffering from different health conditions that could be treated with medical cannabis. There will be a research facility in the plant where researchers would work to further enhance the quality of cannabis and get the most out of it in terms of health benefits.
With deeper and broader capabilities than any other manufacturing plant in New Jersey or other states in the U.S, the Liberty Plant Sciences will lead full-service medical cannabis production in New Jersey.