cbd companies

CBD, the abbreviated term for Cannabidiol, is any product that is obtained from dried parts of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Parts of the plant such as stem, fibres, are dried to obtain various products through many processes, which are used for medical purposes. The CBD products have been tested to cure certain health discomforts like pain, inflammation and even seizures. CBD is available to us in the form of oils, soap bars, lotions and even edible supplements. It is a known fact that Cannabis Sativa is a psychoactive herb and mind numbing compounds like marijuana are made from the dried leaves of this herb.

Due to this reason, dealing with CBD products has always been a debatable topic in different law making associations all over the world. But it has been proved many a times through research that CBD products do not consist of psychoactive characteristics. They are made from hemp, which do not cause the mind numbing effect. Many law making committees have attempted to make objections regarding the use of Cannabidiols quite a few times.cbd companies

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of USA has issued warning letters to 15 companies which deal with CBD, accusing them of illegal sales of CBD products. According to FDA, their products violate the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. FDA has also produced new safety notices in favour of the consumers, so that they do not get misled into using illegal products.

The companies which have received the warning letters from FDA are listed below:
* Koi CBD LLC, Norwalk, California
* Pink Collections Inc. of Beverly Hills, California
* Noli Oil, Southlake, Texas
* Natural Native LLC, Norman, Oklahoma
* Whole Leaf Organics LLC, Sherman Oaks, California
* Infinite Product Company LLLP, Lakewood, Colorado
* Apex Hemp Oil LLC, Redmond, Oregon
* Bella Rose Labs, Brooklyn, New York
* Sunflora, Tampa, Florida
* Healthy Hemp Strategies LLC, Concord, California
* Private I Salon LLC, Charlotte, North Carolina
* Organic Industries Inc, San Bernardino, California
* Red Pill Medical Inc., Phoenix, Arizona
* Sabai Ventures, Los angeles, California
* Daddy Burt LLC, Lexington, Kentucky

There are companies that claim to sell CBD products which cure many major and minor health issues. In the recent years CBD has started to enlarge its market and is flourishing the world of drugs. It has been a clear substitute of prescribed medicines. But these products often violate the rules set by the FD&C Act. Many a times, common people tend to take health issues in their own hands without consulting a doctor, and it is natural for them not to be aware of the violated CBD products. So indirectly, they end up as a part of the violation.cbd companies

So, it is always advisable to consult a health care professional in case of taking a medicine. They are aware of the legality of products and prescribe the correct drug even if it is a CBD.

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