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As of now, people from over 30 different states are provided with the opportunity to consume marijuana for medical purposes. Along with that, we can also see how CBD edibles have become popular among people. If you are a fan of CBD edibles, you will come across the need to enjoy them whenever you get a chance. Before you do that, you need to see whether you are legally permitted to consume CBD edibles. That’s where we thought of sharing more details on how the usage of CBD edibles will be able to create an impact on your job.

Marijuana is quite different from alcohol. When you consume alcohol, it will pass out from your body after a short period of time. However, marijuana has the ability to remain in your body for quite a long period of time. You need to be mindful about this when you are consuming CBD edibles. Even if you have consumed CBD edibles in the last week, a test that you do today will be able to detect the presence of marijuana within your body. This would lead you towards numerous questionable situations.

Can you be tested for drugs at the workplace?
As the very first thing, you need to see whether there is any legal possibility for you to get trusted for drugs at the workplace. According to expert Orange Country lawyers, any employer that receives federal funding, instead of federal government employers aren’t regulating the drug testing. However, you will be able to find some state laws, which indicate the importance of conducting drug tests within the workplace on a regular basis.cbd edibles

Most of the employers that you can find in Orange County are conducting drug tests. They are testing the employees for the usage of different drugs, such as marijuana. This screening mainly takes place during the pre-employment stage. Conducting such a drug test is perfectly fine. That’s because the employers are concerned about hiring appropriate employees, who are fit to work for the company. However, the rules that are associated with testing current employees for the usage of drugs is quite restrictive. If you are an employer, you should think about seeking the assistance of an Orange County lawyer before you proceed with it.

As per the existing law, there is a possibility to conduct random testing on the employees to check and confirm whether they are using any drugs. However, there is a proper reason to deduce the fact that employees are working under the influence of drugs. In case if an employee is a threat to the safety of co-workers, clients and the public, there is a possibility to conduct a drug test. Some of the employees are directed towards drug rehabilitation programs. A test can be done even after such a drug rehabilitation program.

Can you get fired for the usage of CBD edibles?
Now you know that there is a possibility for you to get caught to the employer for the usage of CBD. Along with that, you must be wondering whether there is a possibility for you to get fired for the usage of CBD edibles at workplace.cbd edibles

As per Orange Country lawyer, appropriate usage of CBD doesn’t always guarantee offering protection to you from the job. As per the current laws in Orange County, you will be able to use CBD edibles for medical purposes. If you get caught for the usage of CBD for medical purposes, your employer is not in a position to fire you. Therefore, people who consume CBD edibles for medical use don’t need to worry about anything.

On the other hand, using CBD edibles and other CBD products for recreational purposes is quite new out there in the world. However, we can also see how different states are accepting the usage of CBD and CBD related products for recreational use as well. However, it is important to keep in mind that these laws are not in a position to provide protection to the employees from being fired. Even if you use recreational marijuana while you are not at work, you will be detected for having CBD in your body after a test. In such a situation, you will find it as a difficult task to prove that you have only used CBD during your off-work hours.cannabis edibles

In order to remain on the safe side, you are encouraged not to consume any CBD edibles, especially if you are having a strict employer. You will still be able to continue using medical CBD products because you can prove the fact that you are consuming them to overcome certain health conditions that you have.